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Hot_Hard_Horny 5 years ago
someone 5 years ago
I think this is Just milk
Blue balls 5 years ago
This is what it feels like when u cum while sleeping
Bob 5 years ago
Fake fake and fake
NIPPLE NIGGA 7 years ago
Wow Fucking fake cuz their dick are Fukin sniper rifles
Ace 6 years ago
Don't Let This Distract You From The Fact That Ray Finkle Missed A 27 Yard Field Goal And Lost SuperBowl 17 For The Dolphins
Not fake, maybe fake, but not 7 years ago
Actually, you are able to shoot out this much, there's a pill called performer 5. Makes you cum like a horse. No joke
You 5 years ago
What's the one at 2:25?
Rick 5 years ago
Fake ass cumshot. This mf milks more than a damn Bull
I love cum 3 years ago
This is hilarious