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bdsm girl 5 years ago
Yep, size queen in the making. Why god made the average cock 6 inches is just cruel to us women
Adk 5 years ago
If you watch to the end, you can see her getting wet, pretty sure she can handle any real cock after that!
2 years ago
She doesn't need a huge cock, she only takes 4 inches
Jeff 5 years ago
Slutty girl
Anon 5 years ago
Be better if she rode it to the bottom, good start though
Apple 5 months ago
Damn do all women like big and tall? I’m sure she’ll dump me
Pound it 5 years ago
Wonder if she could handle the real thing lol
9inch 5 years ago
Life 5 years ago
How's the lips!!
feki 5 years ago
Dammm!!! She can ride my bbc all day!